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Rahul Phate Nirmal Exfoliating Lotion 100 ml


Nirmal Exfoliating Lotion is a soothing moisturizer with AHA's to even the skin's texture and promotes a radiant glow on dry to normal skin. It reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone with each application, leading to a brighter and glowing appearance. All those who want to brighten their complexion, who already have visible pigmentation marks or want to have clear skin or those who have fine hairline wrinkles and dehydrated skin.


Water, Propylene glycol, Glycerin Groundnut oil, Cetosteryl Alcohol, TEA, Stearic acid, Anhydrous Lanolin, Dimethicone, Isopropyl Myristate, Borax, TLES, Sodium Lactate, lactic acid, Methylparaben, Titanium Dioxide, Glycine, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Propyl Paraben, EDTA, BHT, Perfume.

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Product Features: 

1. Gentle and effective exfoliating lotion for dehydrated, dry, rough skin, it exfoliates the skin, while also moisturizing it to keep skin from drying out further. At the same time, it provides a protective barrier to the skin through glycine-Silicon combination.

2. Rahul Phate Nirmal Exfoliating Lotion contains a lactic-Glycolic AHA combination that smooths the dry patches and hyper keratinized patches of skin, at the same time it reduces the appearance of dark spots.

3. Rahul Phate Nirmal Exfoliating Lotion has rich texture, that spreads easily on the skin, getting absorbed providing the benefits and does not leave the skin greasy.

4. Rahul Phate Nirmal Exfoliating Lotion is not only a genius Exfoliating lotion, but it can be used as an excellent moisturizer for skin with fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps even out the skin tone and soothes irritated skin.

5. Rahul Phate Nirmal Exfoliating Lotion effectively removes dead skin cells and smooth out the rough patches, this lotion contains a perfectly balanced cocktail of exfoliating acids and moisturizing ingredients. Being a Quality exfoliating lotion it won’t irritate your skin.

6. Rahul Phate Nirmal Exfoliating Lotion, unlike exfoliating scrubs and body washes, doesn’t contain gritty particles to do the dirty work of exfoliation. Instead, it relies on exfoliating acids like glycolic or lactic acid. Because of this, the Nirmal lotion doesn’t need to be washed off after use. Instead, these acids penetrate deep into the skin to dissolve dead skin cells and debris. As the lotion absorbs into the skin, it also hydrates, much like a regular body lotion.

7. Very effective exfoliating lotion for hands and body, along with face and neck. At night apply Rahul Phate Nirmal Exfoliating Lotion lavishly on the hands and body and keep applied overnight. Wash the next morning with water during bathing and apply Rahul Phate Gaurangi Sunscreen lotion on the body. Feel youthful excellence. 

How to use:

  1. For best results, use the product twice daily basis. Apply about 1/2 teaspoon Nirmal Exfoliating lotion on neck and face and gently uplifting massage for 2-3 minutes. Keep applied.
  2. For hands and body, apply 1 teaspoon each of Nirmal on both hands every night and massage gently till completely absorbed. Keep applied overnight and wash in the morning with water during bathing. Experience the fine line softening within 15 days.


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